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Stellar Tutoring Wherever You Are

Stellar Tutoring Wherever You Are

Services and Pricing

Learning continues long after your student's session ends with my three-in-one approach to tutoring.

Books and a chalkboard

One-on-One Mentoring

Together, your student and I will create a plan for mastery of their studies.


Print Resources

Get clear and oraganized materials designed just for your student's learning style.

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Digital Content

Your student can take their review on the go with mobile-friendly content before the big exam.

One-on-One Mentoring

I tutor students over the internet using the video conferencing software Zoom and the collaborative education tool Explain Everything. With these tools, we can simulate a face-to-face conversation while we work together on a shared digital whiteboard to explain concepts and work on examples.

Your student meets with the me typically for one hour at a time on a regular basis. We first identify the desired goals and immediate areas of difficulty, and then we work to build understanding in core concepts through derivations, explanations, and mostly through working example problems together. See my teaching philosophy for my broader thoughts. Each hour of instruction costs $100 and includes access to and creation of the written and digital content described below.

Printed Resources

All too often, students have an "aha!" moment with their tutor, only to have their newfound inspiration dissolve the moment the session is over. To help consolidate gains, I provide personalized and thoughtfully-designed written content with explanations, derivations, and worked examples that your student can review in the days, weeks, and years after instruction.

Printed resources are included with one-on-one mentoring. After your student's session, I will provide pertinent resources or generate new material as the need arises.

Digital Content

For quicker review, I provide online quizzes with multiple-choice answers and additional examples with hints and solutions available exclusively to current clients that your student can access on a computer or a mobile device.

Access to digital content is available for any client who has had one-on-one mentoring in the previous calendar month. If pertinent digital content does not already exist for material covered in a session, I will create new material.

Topics I Teach

Mathematics Physics Computer Science
Algebra Mechanics Variables
Geometry Waves and Oscillations Control Flow
Trigonometry Thermodynamics Functions
Probability and Statistics Electricity and Magnetism Algorithms
Calculus Optics Object-Oriented Programming
Differential Equations Quantum Mechanics Computer Systems
Proofs and Logic Astrophysics Metaprogramming

Feel free to contact me about instruction for other subjects not shown above.

For computer science, most basic topics are language-independent, but I am familiar with the syntax for the following languages: python, ruby, javascript, fortran, java, and C.